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New York-Bangladesh Press Club standing beside of Bangladeshi journalists and media professional for more than 10 years, providing advocacy, information and service to the New York.

Applying for membership is straightforward. Select a membership category that best fits your situation. Submit a membership application along with appropriate fees (Credit/debit/PayPal/Check/Money Order etc.). Applications received without the fees payment will not be considered.

Applications are reviewed by a committee of the Club's Board and notice is then sent, usually within three or four days. If for any reason an application is not approved, all fees paid are immediately refunded.



  • New York-Bangladesh Press Club works to protect the rights of all reporters while providing networking opportunities for journalists and professional communicators to discuss professional issues and affect change.
  • Lectures, panel discussions, newsmaker appearances and other Press Club sponsored functions have covered such topics as threats to freedom of the press, the various threats to investigative reporting, the relationship between the media and government, the role of community newspapers, foreign press coverage, and questions about how the press covers itself. The club also sponsors debates – open to all members and broadcast live – among candidates.
  • The New York Press Club provides assistance and support to journalists faced with legal problems about news. Additionally, the club maintains a liaison with various government agencies whose actions directly affect working journalists in such matters as the issuing of Working Press credentials.
  • The annual New York Press Club Journalism Awards are a long-standing tradition in New York media, honoring excellence in journalism by writers and reporters who are recognized as being among the best in their fields. The Awards and Installation(annual) Dinner at which the year’s awards are formally presented is a highlight on community and socially.
  • Our annual Journalism Conference, traditionally staged in, has long been recognized as the premier event of community. In addition to numerous conference tracks and break-outs that feature respected working journalists, experts and academics, the conference offers other elements of useful interest to all.
  • The opportunities of membership in the New York Press Club, professional and otherwise, are boundless – regulated only by the enthusiasm and energy of individual members.

Membership Categories

General Member

Journalists currently working in print, broadcast or Web news media with at least six months experience in the New York area. Professional journalists of print, broadcast and online media will qualify as primary members of the Club. Primary members shall have the right to participate in all activities of the organization. They are eligible to vote and contest election of the Club. Fee: $60/year.

Associate Member

Journalists and other workers of print, broadcast and online media and writers, and columnists, either working now or had worked previously in the USA or any other part of the world, are eligible to be associate members of the organization. Fee: $90/year.

Life Member

Journalists and other workers of print, broadcast and online media; and writers, columnists, either working now or had worked previously, and those who are contributing or had contributed significantly to the development of journalism in the USA or any other part of the world, are eligible for being Life Member of the organization, provided two-thirds of the Executive Committee members approve the same. Life members will be inducted through formal ceremonies. Such members will be allowed to participate in all activities and to enjoy all benefits of the Club, except voting for and contesting election.

Overview Membership

Members may renew their affiliation on this page. Prospective members are invited to visit the Renew Membership Dues Page for information about membership in the New York Press Club.


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